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Las Palmas Resort & Beach Club

Barefoot Luxury

Set on a pristine 9-mile beach where the white sand meets our deep blue ocean, Las Palmas Resort & Beach Club is the perfect blend of beach, barefoot luxury and boutique resort. Our philosophy is that life is a gift meant to be enjoyed and vacation is the best way to enjoy that gift. Our dedicated staff carries that philosophy in everything they do to make your trip a memorable one.


Playa Blanca, which literally translates into white sandy beach, is the longest beach in Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo. Allow yourself indulgent walks down our pristine beach and soak up the sun in our infinity pool before you experience a dramatic sunset in the Pacific Ocean. Visit the picturesque fishing village where locals prepare the fresh catch of the day with homemade tortillas. Truly a special place.


Our boutique resort allows us to give every customer the personal experience that makes Las Palmas the special place you’ll never forget.  For us boutique means learning each person’s desires and making sure we fulfill those desires. We take pride in helping each person experience the vacation they dreamed of.


Barefoot luxury is more than just a tagline; it’s our way of life. Our luxury accommodations, friendly service, and casual yet fine dinning create an environment that allows you to truly relax. Everything we do strikes the perfect balance between luxury and comfort, true feeling of barefoot luxury.


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